We regret to inform you that the beta test period for the OrangePics photo sharing service has ended. Due to other commitments we are no longer able to devote the necessary time required to complete the project.

There are several photo sharing services that we would like to recommend. These services show the same qualities that we tried to build into OrangePics.

SmugMug is an excellent photo sharing service for everyone, even professional photographers. At SmugMug you have the ability to share an unlimited number of photos and take advantage of the numerous gallery options. Plus, your photos are safe and secure. The user experience is even better at SmugMug as the site is completely professional and provides an excellent viewing spot for all of your photos which really brings out the life and color of each photo you share. SmugMug also offers a 14 day trial of their service so that you have ample time to decide whether or not you enjoy their service, but we’re certain you will. with SmugMug.

Photagious.comis another excellent place to showcase your photos and share them with others. Photagious was featured as an Adobe Site of the Day on July 3rd, 2007 and for good reason. With Photagious you receive unlimited space, your photos are safe and secure and you can order prints online. Other great features include the fact that there are no annoying ads, you can tag your photos to make it easier to manage them, and they feature customizable themes to allow you to tell a story with your photos. Plus, you can easily combine your photos with music, video and animation. Photagious.com also offers a free trial of their service.

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)

.Mac is an excellent place for Mac users to share their photos with the world. .Mac features online tools that work seamlessly with Mac OS X as well as iLife. You can take advantage of a number of different options on .Mac including the Web Gallery where you share both photos and movies straight from iPhoto and iMovie. It’s probably the easiest way for Mac users to share their photos and movies as you can have them online in just a few clicks. Sign up for a free, 60-day trial of .Mac

As you can see there are several options available for you to share your photos online and though we regret that OrangePics can no longer continue we hope you find a service that suits your needs and that you continue sharing your photos online with the world.