About OrangePics


The first incarnation of the OrangePics website was born out of necessity in May, 2001. The site was originally developed by Chris as a means of sharing his photos with family who are spread out between both coasts in Canada and New Zealand.


Early in 2004, Bill joined with Chris to expand the photo site. After months of hard work, the site went from a nameless service running on an old Pentium 75 clone in Chris' basement to a full J2EE application running on a Dell Xeon server hosted in Montreal. OrangePics was officially born.


Neither Chris nor Bill could find an affordable photo sharing website that suited their taste. Most were either covered in ads for everything from printing services to kitchen sinks. Others were obviously geared towards professional photo sharing. Chris and Bill wanted something simple enough for everyone in their family to feel comfortable using.


As parents of young children, Chris and Bill were concerned about security. Both felt very strongly about controlling who was seeing pictures of their children. Having photos posted on public websites was not an option.


At OrangePics we believe that internet photo sharing should be easy for everyone and safe for all your most precious memories. Give it a try and see for yourself. OrangePics truly is Simple, Safe Photo Sharing.



Bill and Chris were unable to fully develop OrangePics as a product. The knowledge gained in developing our photo sharing application is contained on this website. The services that we wanted to create were already available.



Please feel free to see the other photo sharing services researched by Chris and Bill.






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