A digital camera can open you up to a whole new world of home renovation. With today’s computer technologies, a talented designer can take digital photos of your rooms and recreate them into rooms that you could only dream of. You can also track your progress throughout the process of renovating and have some great after photos that you will be proud of.

Have you ever painted a room and then wondered a few years later, “What color was that room?” Before and after digital pictures are great for not only those moments of reminiscing, but are excellent for insurance purposes as well. With before and after pictures you are able to compare the changes and renovations that you have made to a home. These pictures can help you to prove the changes you have made and the value those changes have made to your home. There are also several programs that will allow you to store photos of your home and belongings for home inventory purposes. If your house were ever to broken into, burnt or destroyed by a natural disaster. These images could come in very handy for insurance purposes. If you are taking digital photos for this purpose, then you will want to be certain that they are also stored off site at a friend or family member’s home. This will ensure that you will have them in the event that something does happen to your home.

If you are doing your home renovations by yourself, pictures of your progress can be excellent confidence boosters. You will have pictures that you can show to friends and family and say, “Look what I did!” You can also have pictures that show the different stages of design, implementation and the finished product. Many individuals also choose to keep a scrapbook of their home renovations. This is an excellent idea if you are completely renovating and refurbishing an old home. Share the photos on the Internet and show the world the changes that you have made to your home. Who knows, you might be an inspiration to another looking to do home renovations.

If you have digital photos of your home, it can make it very easy for an interior decorator to use your pictures as inspiration. When you have a consultation with the decorator, they can take your pictures and show you things that they would like to change or add. With digital photo software such as Adobe Photoshop, there are various ways a digital photo can be adapted and turned into a completely new room for a renovation idea. You can also have consultations with decorators from different parts of the country, as digital photos can be instantly sent via email to anyone in the world.

Don’t overlook the convenience that digital technology can provide you. Whether you are planning a project, in the process of completing one or just finished, digital photos can be very useful throughout your home renovations.

Chris Brown is a regular contributor to the Home Remodeling Center website and takes pride in many of his own do-it-yourself projects around his own home.